View on the Seceda - Col Raiser skiing area in the Val Gardena valley. South Tyrol - Dolomites - Italy The photos illustrate suggestive and panoramic views of the Seceda and the Odle, one of which was used as a backdrop during the presentation of the new iMac. 트립어드바이저에 있는 Seceda 근처 관광명소 정보: 오르띠세이, Province of South Tyrol의 Seceda 근처 관광명소에 관한 리뷰 19,845 개 및 생생한 사진 3,334 장을 확인하세요. Villages in Val Gardena. 더 알아보기. From the summit of Seceda the possibilities for the descent are varied. In addition to professionalism, fun and pleasure are at the forefront of our activities and we guarantee appropriate routes for every cyclist, from the novice to the seasoned sportsman and for all age groups. Weather information and forecast of Val Gardena in the dolomites. 맞은 편에 있는 알페 디 시우시와는 느낌이 다른 초원과 바위 산이 눈 앞에 펼쳐집니다. Se non sei già in Val Gardena, qui scoprirai come trovarci. The Après Seceda team will be happy to serve you drinks and snacks. 리프트를 내린 곳에는 식당과 놀이터가 있습니다. 케이블카에서 내려 초원을 따라 걸으며 보는 풍경이 정말 인상적이었어요. 전 세체다 리프트 편도로 올라가서 세체다를 크게 한바퀴 돌며 내리막길로 트레킹을 하고 콜 라이저 케이블카로 내려왔습니다. Resta informato su cosa succede in Val Gardena. 10/01/2021 - ore 12:29 ore 12:29 Min. We cannot guarantee the operation of all lift facilities. Stazione meteo Seceda. Last but not least, you can admire the breathtaking peaks of the nearby Dolomites, of course: from the Tofane, the Sciliar and the Sella Massif to the Sassolungo and the "pearl" of the Dolomites, the "Marmolada". Arrival. Live picture of Val Gardena - Seceda - Panomax - 360° high resolution interactive panorama web cam Erlebnisweg Col de Flam - Sentiero Avventura. Le webcam di Seceda a Ortisei in Val Gardena nelle Dolomiti. The Seceda ski area - with the Seceda-Col Raiser-Rasciesa skiing consortium - is located on the sunny side of Val Gardena, at the foot of the Parco Naturale Cisles-Odle nature reserve, part of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. 정상에 오르면 감탄사가 터져 나오는 광경을 목격할 수 있습니다. Panorama: Seceda 2. Le previsioni a Seceda sempre aggiornate e affidabili CONTROLLA ORA. 선택한 날짜에 온라인으로 예약할 수 있는 투어나 액티비티가 없습니다. This membership card gives you the opportunity to use all the lifts of the Seceda cable cars and the Ciampinoi cable cars, for a whole year, at a reduced price.The fares for Clubcard holders are as follows: Cableway Ortisei-Furnes or cableway Furnes-Seceda. Receive the latest news and insider tips from Val Gardena about 12 times a year. Discover on the map, VAT: 00407540210 | Credits | Privacy | Cookies. Weather station Ciampinoi. 다른 날짜를 선택하세요. Bed & breakfast - Pernottamento e prima colazione - Übernachtung mit Frühstück Villa Seceda - Selva Val Gardena Wolkenstein in Gröden Dolomiti Dolomites Dolomiten Alto … There are easy hikes, which are ideal for children, but there are also “vie ferrate” (iron ways) and a variety of climbing tours for experienced mountaineers. For more information: Webcam Seceda - Dolomites Val Gardena / Gröden - St. Ulrich: Alle Informationen zur Live Webcams Dolomites Val Gardena / Gröden - St. Ulrich. 여름 성수기에는 세체다 초원의 아래쪽과 연결되는 리프트도. The most prominent peaks can be studied on a circular board with their names and elevations indicated. 풍경이 끝내줍니다. But to the south-east it becomes a gently rising high alp. Fly2 - Tandemflights Live picture of Val Gardena - Col Raiser - Panomax - 360° high resolution interactive panorama web cam The special landscape of the Odles and the surrounding mountains offer a unique environment, appreciated by visitors from all over the world. The idyllic Fermeda Hut is the perfect destination for your mountain holiday, offering comfortable rooms, exquisite cuisine and a strategic position in the heart of a UNESCO Heritage Site. 정말 근사한 풍경이에요. Panorama-Livecam Seceda - Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. Service. Sie erhalten Wintersport-Infos zu Cam in Dolomites Val Gardena / Gröden - St. Ulrich, zu Wetterkamera in Dolomites Val Gardena / Gröden - St. Ulrich und Livebilder Dolomites Val Gardena / Gröden - St. Ulrich. Webcam and Livecam Dantercepies in Val Gardena (Italy). Webcam of seceda in Val Gardena. 하지만 반대편에는 짙은 그림자와 절벽 그리고 눈이 쌓여있었다. We offer the following MTB and e-bike tours. Handy: +39 335 571 6500 Scopri il magnifico paesaggio direttamente con la nostra panorama webcam posizionata di fronte alla stazione a monte della funivia Seceda a 2.518m. If you are not already in Val Gardena, then find out here, how to get to us. The Dolomites in general and the areas which can be reached from Seceda are in particular a real paradise for mountain lovers. In summer and in winter the Book your holidays. Other companies of international importance have recently made use of images taken in Val Gardena and in particular of the Odle seen by Seceda. Via Val d'Anna 2 ortisei - furnes, Cable car 운영해서 트래킹 후 리프트를 타고 다시 세체다 케이블카 정류장으로도 쉽게 올라올 수 있습니다. In 2017 during the Apple event, the "Apples World Wide Developer Conference" held in San Jose in the United States, where new technological products are presented, viewers could see several photos of Val Gardena and the Dolomites. The Clubcard is a membership card which can be purchased at the valley station of the Seceda cable car or at the valley station of the Ciampinoi cable car for € 16,00 per year (children between 8 and 15,99 years € 8,00). Panorama-Livecam Seceda - UNESCO Welterbe Dolomiten. Website: Experience unforgettable tours amidst the breath-taking scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – equipped with excellently primed MTB’s and accompanied by our qualified guides. Weather information and forecast of Val Gardena in the dolomites. Live picture of Val Gardena - Seceda - Panomax - 360° high resolution interactive panorama web cam Come arrivare. The Seceda (Secëda in Ladin) in the Odle Group is partly steep and crumbly. Starting from the valley station of Ortisei you can take your bike up to the top by cable car and cableway. Vista panoramica dalla zona sciistica "Seceda" sul Gruppo del Sella e Sassolungo. Registrati ora. Your way to Val Gardena. Dorfhotel Beludei Alpine & chic - modernity meets tradition Hotel Digon Holidays in the midst of a unique mountain scenery Alpenheim Meravigliose vacanze in un paradiso invernale ; Autunno in Val Gardena Idee vacanza per settembre, ottobre e novembre ; +39 0471 796 531 The meadows of the Seceda border the Rasciesa High Alp and the Mastlè Alpine Pasture and form together a spacious highland in the heart of the Gardena … Winterly view from the Seceda - Col Raiser skiing area on the Odle Group, the Stevia Massif, the Sella alpenstock, the Sassolungo Group and the Alpe di Siusi. For further information on paragliding please contact the bar staff or the “Club Parapendio Val Gardena” (Val Gardena Paragliding Club). Bike transport with Gardena Card 5,00 euro. 19 dates from Wednesday, 5 June 2019 to Wednesday, 9 October 2019. Vallunga – Daunëi – Firenze hut – Seceda – San Giacomo – Ortisei Duration: 6 h Riding time: 5 h Path length: 28 km Altitude difference uphill: 1.140 m Altitude difference downhill: 1.140 m Difficulty: diffiuclt Price: 45,00 € | Free for Val Gardena Active Partner … Il panorama che si può ammirare dalla cima comprende le Dolomiti e tutte le montagne dell’Alto Adige - dall'Ortles alla Vetta d'Italia, sino alle Dolomiti del Brenta (Adamello) in Trentino. 대한민국의 한국어 사용자를 대상으로 하는 트립어드바이저 웹사이트 버전입니다. 한쪽에는 깎아지른 듯한 절벽 위로 눈이 쌓여있었고, 그 반대쪽에는 비스듬한 경사면에 푸르른 초원이 펼쳐져 있었다. 한 몸이지만 전혀 다른 두 개의 모습은 마치 이 산이 지킬박사와 하이드 같이, 오르티세이에서 리프트를 한 번 갈아타고 오를 수 있습니다. Panorama-Livecam Seceda - Dolomiti Patrimonio dell'Umanità UNESCO. I-39046 Ortisei in Val Gardena Il luogo è di una bellezza sorprendente, forse lo skyline più fotografato della Val Gardena e delle dolomiti in generale. an adult), Cableway Ortisei-Furnes + cableway Furnes-Seceda, Kabinenbahn St. Ulrich-Furnes oder Seilbahn Furnes-Seceda, Groups: 1 free ticket every 20 people* Children from 0 to 7.99 years Free (on a simultaneous purchase of an adult ticket)Junior from 8 to 15,99 yearsSingle journeys can be purchased at all cash desks of Seilbahnen Seceda AG.Dogs: 5€Bikes: 5€. The presentation was followed by the millions of fans via live streaming, from that moment the evocative photo of the Odle went around the world and thousands of people come every year to photograph the magnificent panorama of the Odle seen from the top of Seceda. Schließlich noch die Geislergruppe oberhalb von Seceda, die das Skigebiet herrlich einschließen und im Sommer einbeliebtes Ziel für Kletterer und Bergsteiger sind. Da Ortisei arrivare a Seceda è facile: basta prendere una funicolare e il gioco è fatto; ci sono impianti per la risalita in tutte le stagioni dell'anno. From May to the end of October daily from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 18:30. The Alpe di Seceda is located on the sunny side of Val Gardena, at the foot of the Parco Naturale Cisles-Odle (nature reserve), part of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage and represents an ideal base for hikes and climbing tours. For mountain bike lovers, the Seceda mountains are the right place to start a wonderful bike or e-bike tour. (accompanied by To experience an unforgettable experience and discover Val Gardena and the surrounding mountains from an eagle's point of view, you can experience the thrill of tandem flying with a two-seater paraglider. 정말 멋진 풍광이었고 내려다보이는 산장에서 소와 염소등을 키우고 있어서 아니에게도 다른 볼거리가 있었네요. The Alpe di Seceda is located on the sunny side of Val Gardena, at the foot of the Parco Naturale Cisles-Odle (nature reserve), part of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage and represents an ideal base for hikes and climbing tours. (+39) 335 5271240 Website: si possono fare escursioni meravigliose, bisogna dotarsi di scarpe adatte e macchina fotografica. 발가르데나 카드 3일권 구입해서 오르티세이에서 리프트 타고 세체다 가실 수 있어요. Seceda is a popular destination for those who practice paragliding, many pilots take off from the top of the Seceda. Arrival ... Panoramic view of the "Sassolungo" and "Seceda-Stevia" from the skiarea "Ciampinoi". Fantastic panorama awaits the visitors on top of the Seceda. But not only Apple has discovered the beauty of the Dolomites in Val Gardena. 제가 갔을 때는 8월 말에 맑은 날이어서 그런지 아주 멋진 풍경을 볼 수 있어 좋았어요. Sign in now. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Dolomites, the Brenta Group, the Ademello and Ortles Groups, the Ötztal and Stubai Alps as far as to Großglockner. Seceda,오르띠세이: 9건 중에서 1위를 차지한 관광명소인 Seceda에 관한 277 건의 리뷰와 424 건의 사진을 체크하세요. We invite you to visit the other numerous live- and panocams all over Val Gardena. Arriviamo così a Seceda, a 2.519 metri di altitudine, dopo circa due ore e mezza di cammino nel sentiero di trekking dal parcheggio di Praplan sopra Santa Cristina di Val Gardena.. Una volta giunti qui, restiamo per molto tempo ad ammirare il panorama, scattando veramente tante foto! Live- & webcam of Val Gardena - Point of view: Seceda webcam in Val Gardena in the dolomites (italy). Seguici. The closure of single cableways and lifts does not entitle you to a full or partial refund of the price paid for the Gardena Card. seceda cableways ag Webcam and Livecam Ciampinoi in Val Gardena (Italy). Von rechts nach links siehst du zunächst den Ort St. Ulrich im Tal liegend, dann im Hintergrund die Seiser Alm, den Langkofel und den Sellastock. Please observe the opening dates. : +39 0471 777777 Fax: +39 0471 792235 E-Mail: Skype: info_val_gardena USt-IdNr. Fermeda Hut on the Seceda Alp in Val Gardena South Tyrol - Dolomites. 추천할 만한 코스입니다. Vista invernale dall’area sciistica Seceda - Col Raiser sul Gruppo delle Odle, il Monte Stevia, il Gruppo del Sella, il Gruppo del Sassolungo e l’Alpe di Siusi. The Seceda Alp is a must to get an impression to last. : +39 0471 777777 Fax: +39 0471 792235 E-Mail: Skype: info_val_gardena USt-IdNr. Sony has used several of these photos during the presentation of a new 4K-Oled TV model. 한시간 정도 트래킹하면서 내려오면 col raiser 인가 거기서 또 리프트 타고 산타크리스티나 마을로 내려올 수 있어요. The GARDENA CARD is valid from ......2021 until ....2021 and can be purchased at the Seceda Valley station. From the Seceda summit you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Dolomites and of all the mountains in South Tyrol - from Ortles to Großglockner (Austria). TAVAN VIJION by rcpilotteo present:Autumn flight impressions 2014with TBS Discovery Pro & GPH3BEover Seceda, Gruppo delle Odles Val Gardena Dolomites. Live-Info-9.8 °C 0 Slopes Webcams. 세체다의 매력은 무엇보다도 각기 정반대되는 모습을 한 번에 지닌 일명 “두 얼굴의 세체다”가 아닐까. Seceda - Mastlé I-39046 Seceda - Ortisei Val Gardena (BZ) Tel. Max ... Iscriviti per ricevere mensilmente tutte le novità e i consigli da insider della Val Gardena! Additional informations. After an active day in the mountains with the bike or by foot, our bar is the ideal place to relax and take some refreshment. From the Seceda summit you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Dolomites and of all the mountains in South Tyrol - from Ortles to Großglockner (Austria). Starting from an altitude of more than 2,500 metres you can ski down to the villages of Ortisei (1,200 m) and S. Cristina (1,500 m) on the valley floor. IT02598130215 . Dolomites Val Gardena South Tyrol / Italy Tel. Seceda (Live) Resciesa (Live) Contact. The Après Seceda is very popular with local paragliders. furnes-seceda, From 0 until 7,99 years Live picture of Val Gardena - Dantercepies - Panomax - 360° high resolution interactive panorama web cam 죄송합니다. 케이블카에서 내려서 30분정도 눈에보이는 지역을 크게 한바퀴 돌았습니다. ... Winter in Val Gardena Holiday tips for December, January and February ; Places. 그 모습에서 3년 전 마주했던 마추픽추의 모습을 얼핏 보는 듯하다. Cableway Menu . ... Seceda (Live) Piz Sella (Live) Monte Pana (Live) Selva: Larciunei (Live) Newsletter. 다른 국가 또는 지역에 거주하는 경우 드롭다운 메뉴에서 해당 국가 또는 지역에 적합한 트립어드바이저 버전을 선택하세요. Atemberaubende Video-Aussicht auf das Skigebiet "Seceda" (2.450 m) mit einem Panoramablick auf die Geisler Gruppe, ... Dolomites Val Gardena Südtirol / Italien Tel. Meteo e previsioni del tempo a Seceda ☀ (precipitazioni, temperature e venti). Die Webcam zeigt das Skigebiet "Seceda" mit Livebildern. Near the Seceda summit cross a lookout point was set up in 2007. Request availability Remind Baita Sofie Hütte Str. At the top station of the cable car you can enjoy a marvellous view of almost the entire South Tyrol as well as of the mountains in Trentino, Lombardy and Austria. 높은 산 위에 펼쳐진 드넓은 평원과 그 위로 비추는 햇볕의 모습 때문이다. The Gardena Card offers unlimited use of the cableways and lifts in Val Gardena participating in this promotion. PANORAMA CAM. During the cable car ride to Seceda the panorama becomes more and more spectacular: along Val d'Anna, above Ortisei, there is the archaeological Col de Flam, followed by the interesting geological formations of the Balest, Seura Sass and Seceda. La Seceda è situata sul versante soleggiato della Val Gardena, nel bel mezzo del Parco Naturale Cisles-Odle, parte delle Dolomiti patrimonio naturale mondiale dell'UNESCO.