Jorge Mendes Informação legal | Política de Privacidade | Termos e Condições | Equipe TM | Social | Perguntas frequentes | Enviar mensagem de erro Esta es la página general de Gestifute. Portuguese players Simao Sabrosa (L), Manuel Fernandes (C) and Hugo Almeida pose during their signing ceremony in Istanbul, on January 3, 2011. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Starberatern wie Jonathan Barnett oder Mino Raiola hüllt sich der Portugiese in Schweigen – und hätte doch eigentlich so viel zu erzählen. Lawyer and professor of Sport Law at Loughborough University, in the UK, Serhat Yilmaz, told The Black Sea that these rich men come in as “saviours and inject money into the clubs. When Almeida left the club on a free transfer two years later, Beşiktaş was forced to repay his entire transfer €2 million fee to QFI. Umur Klub Kontrak; Vasco Seabra: Manajer: 37: 2022 Significativi, ma solo due. In emails to Mendes, seen by The Black Sea, Dinç recommended trying to solve the Beşiktaş issue in the Turkish courts with a demand for payment order. So ostentatious was Mendes’s domination over Beşiktaş and Demirören that the Turkish sports media took to calling the influx the “Portuguese wave” and the “Portuguese Gang”, even though Sidnei is Brazilian. Das ist die Übersichtsseite von Gestifute. In fact, his departure was necessitated by his appointment to a better job, as head of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), the governing body of football in the country. But the attention from the Ronaldo episodes sent Demirören into a frenzy and he began hinting during TV interviews that perhaps the world’s most expensive player might himself soon make a move to Beşiktaş. One of the great historic Istanbul teams, alongside Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, Beşiktaş would soon receive its second ban from the UEFA Champions League and was deeply embroiled in a match-fixing scandal. Il super-procuratore supera i confini del calcio e si dedica anche alle due ruote. Within a month, Mendes had convinced Beşiktaş and Demirören to agree to pay a €3.1 million transfer fee, 55 percent of the economic rights, for a player who had suddenly upped his value again to €6.2 million. Jorge Mendes entra nel mondo del ciclismo. Fernandes signed a contract worth €6.3 million over three years. Nasc./Idade: 11/04/1996 (23) Nacionalidade: Paraguai Altura: 1,85 m Posição: Ponta de Lança And in Demirören it seems that Mendes and Bulut had found themselves a rain-maker. They also loaned midfielder Manuel Fernandes from Spanish club Valencia for a fee of €200,000. Jorge Méndez. When Turkish businessman Yıldırım Demirören quit as the president of Istanbul football club Beşiktaş, on 27 February 2012, he left behind a legacy of destruction. La società di Mendes, la Polaris Sports, ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto Joao Almeida e Ruben Guerreiro. Whatever the legal implication of such an arrangement, there was a lot of money to be made. It was all very positive from the beginning.” Their deals were all conducted he said, “without having anything signed. They were, they said, discussing a hotel investment on the island, worth €80 million. Also involved is Mendes’s Turkish associate, fellow superagent Ahmet Bulut, who could also be breaching Turkish Football Federation rules by failing to declare his role as an intermediary on at least eight of Mendes’s deals. E ci siamo limitati a fare solo due nomi. GESTIFUTE S.A. PORTO M. Avenida da Boavista, Nr. This site is the agency site of Gestifute, giving an overview of all players who work with Gestifute. Gestifute’s bank records show that Dinç transferred the money to the company account the next day. Transfermarkt listed his value at the time at a generous €700,000. Neither the Turkish Football Federation nor Beşiktaş responded to questions on this issue. Das ist die Übersichtsseite von Gestifute. Das ist die Übersichtsseite von Gestifute. By the time the 2011 transfer window closed in August, Mendes and Bulut had shifted a total of seven players to Beşiktaş. The agents and the owners even sat together during negotiations. Dit is de overzichtspagina van Gestifute. This site is the agency site of Gestifute, giving an overview of all players who work with Gestifute. The issues over Turkey’s planning laws were forgotten, however, as thousands of people and Turkey’s media flocked to Demirören’s mall to see a glimpse of the superstar Ronaldo, who proudly announced he was in attendance because “the president Demirören is a good friend”. Das ist die Übersichtsseite von Gestifute. Mendes’s relationship to Alves began in January 2010, when the midfielder was 19 years old. The outstanding debt was from the two commission agreements Demirören signed during the 2011 summer transfer window for the transfers of Bebe, Sidnei and Fernandes. Superagent Mendes negotiated wave of Portuguese to the Turkish club, netting millions in “commissions”. The deals might also have broken FIFA and TFF rules on conflict of interest, since they were each of them private commission contracts arranged directly between the club and Gestifute, which was improperly acting as a player agent in the negotiations. Per quanto riguarda il mondo del calcio Jorge Mendes è una star indiscussa. Thus we object the claimed amount.”, Dinç then informed Mendes that, “As I told you in the beginning, a local court in Turkey would easily make a decision that an arbitration procedure was determined in the contracts according to the special jurisdiction clause and reject our claims based on lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.”, Licensed FIFA agents would usually have contract disputes of this sort resolved by FIFA’s arbitration system, but this presented a problem for Mendes and Gestifute. Nella sua scuderia ha giocatori del calibro di Cristiano Ronaldo e allenatori del calibro di Mourinho. Part of Beşiktaş’s financial woes stemmed from questionable transfer deals Demirören facilitated with players connected to the Irish football agency, Gestifute, run by Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes. Nell’ultimo Giro d’Italia ha inossato la Maglia Rosa per due settimane e ha chiuso la manifestazione al quarto posto. Bulut recalled the encounter as a meeting of minds: "We were friends right away,” Bulut told the Spanish authors of a book on Mendes, “and it was because we saw each other on the same level. Beşiktaş, it seems cannot shake off its addiction to the Mendes methods. The club also bought Portuguese midfielder Julio Alves for €3.1 million. Jorge Paulo Agostinho Mendes (born 7 January 1966), better known simply as Jorge Mendes, is a Portuguese football agent.He is registered with the Portuguese Football Federation and heads the GestiFute company, founded in 1996. Il primo è uno dei big del ciclismo. This looks the easiest and less arguable way.”, As predicted, Beşiktaş rejected Gestifute’s application by Dinç, declaring in an letter in December 2012 that the club was “not in debt to Gestifute International Limited as it is claimed. If there is a financial problem, they can leave,” as Demirören did. Eventually, he allowed Bulut and Mendes to regain considerable influence in the club and push out those who objected. LISBOA M. Alameda dos Oceanos – Edifício Espace In 16 April 2013, Dinç informed Mendes’s lawyer. (Credit: MUSTAFA OZER/AFP/Getty Images/Guliver). An unpaid invoice of €1.75 million is too large to ignore. Osorio that, “In accordance with the agreement made between Mr. Jorge Mendes and Beşiktaş, 1.500.000,00-Euro was wired to my account today.”. Whatever the ethics issues, the plot worked. Il secondo si è messo in luce nella categoria degli scalatori. ", Tugrul Aksar, a bank manager and expert on football finance, who co-founded the Football Economy Strategic Research Centre in Istanbul, told The Black Sea: “These kinds of deals are ‘collusive transactions’ and if authorities and other parties who are involved in the same deal would lodge complaints, the agreements could be nullified,” he said. Auf dieser Seite sind alle Spieler einsehbar, die Gestifute betreut. Alves would play a total of only 14 minutes for Beşiktaş. Initially Gestifute suggested to Beşiktaş in April 2012 that it might settle the bill with a €1.5 million over 10 months. The EIC network and its partners revealed today that, between 2008 and 2016, Mendes and his wife received around €100 million from Gestifute without declaring it as dividends. La società di Mendes, la Polaris Sports, ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto Joao Almeida e Ruben Guerreiro. During his time, the club was poorly managed financially and accumulated unprecedented levels of debt. But by October, nothing had happened, and so Mendes turned to his Turkish partner, Ahmet Bulut. Indice del fatto che il ciclismo sta iniziando ad attirare i big e i soldi che contano. (Via G. Boglietti 2, 13900 Biella - PIVA: 02154000026), Supplemento della Testata Giornalistica Delta Press, Tribunale di Biella n. 579 del 10/02/2015, Gli eventi sportivi più importanti del 2021, Dan Peterson, l’ex allenatore dell’Olimpia Milano compie 85 anni, Dakar, vittorie di Brabec e Al Rajhi nella settima tappa, Pallanuoto, Settebello alle Superfinal di World League: sconfitta la Spagna, Sci Alpino, secondo posto per Marta Bassino nel Super G di St. Anton. En esta página puedes ver todos los jugadores que están a cargo de Gestifute. Well-placed senior sources inside Beşiktaş tell The Black Sea that Orman’s resistance was fleeting. En esta página puedes ver todos los jugadores que están a cargo de Gestifute. Bulut brought in his right-hand man, Sami Dinç, a sports law attorney who was previously hired by the TFF and another Turkish club, Fenerbahce. Ahmet Bulut is not forgotten. Osorio that, “In accordance with the agreement made between Mr. Jorge Mendes and Beşiktaş, 1.500.000,00-Euro was wired to my account today.” Gestifute’s bank records show that Dinç transferred the money to the … Valencia 2020/21 Kangin Lee (M.Vallejo) - … Jorge Mendes Labute. When Demirören left Beşiktaş in January 2012, Alves’s transfer fee remained unpaid. Jorge Mendes protagonizou ao longo dos anos algumas das maiores transferências do Mundo. All of the Gestifute contracts with Beşiktaş from 2011 are illegitimate and against rules that govern football agents, say three separate lawyers and a financial expert in sports money laundering, who analysed the language of the documents in question. You wouldn’t see this at a normal club: a player represented by an agent, with whom a businessman has dealings, attending the opening of a private business.”. Zumindest in der Öffentlichkeit lässt Jorge Mendes lieber reden. Before Yıldırım Demirören was involved in football, he was a powerful businessman in Turkey, known as the vice-president of the Demirören Group, an energy and construction conglomerate built by his father in the 1960s. Mendes’s and Bulut’s first business with Demirören, and each other, occurred in the summer of 2010, as the pair negotiated the €7.3 million transfer of 27-year-old right-winger Ricardo Quaresma to Beşiktaş from Inter Milan. That summer, Mendes and Bulut had even managed to install Portuguese player-turned-coach, Carlos Carvalhal - a Mendes client - as Beşiktaş’s temporary manager, to replace the club’s coach Tayfur Havutçu, who was dealing with criminal charges related to match-fixing. La società di Mendes, la Polaris Sports, ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto Joao Almeida e Ruben Guerreiro. Deals which are now revealed to be rule-breakers. In July 2011, the superagent arranged for Alves – who had at the time played nine games in Rio Ave’s first team, only three of them as a starting player – to move to Atletico Madrid, who paid an inexplicable fee of €2.6 million.