The rescuers have had some success in their efforts to find remaining passengers on the ship. Oct 26, 2020 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. 13/1 anniversario, Giglio ricorda, Schettino attende Cassazione. A list of Costa Concordia passengers and crew who remain missing from Italian newspaper Il Messeggero today.. Unidentified relatives of the victims of the Costa Concordia tragedy cry at the end of a mass to mark six months since the disaster which left 32 people dead, on Giglio Island July 13, 2012. Which was the case, fire service chief Fabio Bargagna told the AP. On January 13, 2012, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, which transported 4,200 people, collided with rocks, just outside the coast of Giglio Island in the Mediterranean. The Concordia's captain, Francesco Schettino, is on trial for alleged manslaughter, causing the shipwreck and abandoning ship during a confused and delayed evacuation. Authorities say the earliest it will leave the island is May of 2014. Costa Concordia’s Italian captain, Francesco Schettino, was sentenced to 16 years in jail for his role in the shipwreck, which killed 32 people. Costa Concordia divers find new human remains... 01:02 ROME Divers spotted human remains Thursday near Italy's Costa Concordia cruise ship and DNA tests will … In separate proceedings, five other employees of the Italian cruise company, Costa Concordia SpA, were allowed to make plea bargains in exchange for lenient sentences. Peruvian Angel Paredes (R), one of the crew members that survived the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster, is welcomed by relatives at Lima's airport, on Jan. 18, 2012. Costa Concordia. Erano le 21.45 di venerdi' 13 gennaio 2012 quando la nave da crociera Costa Concordia urto' gli scogli de Le Scole davanti all'isola del Giglio. The 60-page document makes up the official request to have captain Francesco Schettino - who was in charge at the time - sent for trial. Details of the final moments of the 32 people who died in the Costa Concordia cruise ship tragedy have emerged in a prosecution report. Now, in case anyone has been living under a rock for the passed few years. "No one knew exactly how much damage had been done to the hull over the last 20 months," chief salvage master Nick Sloane told CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips last week. Here is a little bit about that happened. Il naufragio della Costa Concordia avvenne il 13 gennaio 2012, quando l'omonima nave da crociera impattò contro il gruppo di scogli noti come le Scole, nei pressi dell'Isola del Giglio, in Italia, alle ore 21:45:07. Dayana and William Arlotti among the 32 victims of cruise ship tragedy La nave, naufragata davanti l’Isola del Giglio venerdì sera, è in queste ore perlustrata dai Vigili del Fuoco per accertarsi che non vi siano altre persone rimaste vive nelle cabine. Costa Concordia: morti al buio, mentre la nave si rovesciava. On 13 January 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship, owned by the Costa Crociere shipping company and under the command of Captain Francesco Schettino, impacted a rock in the waters of Isola del Giglio, reporting the opening of a 70-meter-long hole on the left side, followed by the partial submersion of the ship. Five years after the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Giglio, Italy, the massive salvage effort for the stricken ship in a Genoa drydock is completed. The cabins were checked out one by one ... when we arrived at the stern we called out hoping someone might reply. Among the missing passengers, 12 are German nationals, two are French, five are Italian and two are American. The Costa Concordia cruise began sinking late Friday when the captain, Francesco Schettino, steered the ship off course and into the ground near the coast of Giglio. Jan 31, 2016 - About 200 technicians are currently working on the dismantling of the Costa Concordia.Some are involved in stripping operations, the removal of internal structures on the emerged decks of the ship, while the others are working on the actual demolition of the external steel structures and on the restoration of buoyancy of the hull. The Costa Concordia left the Italian port of Civitavecchia at 19:18 local time (18:18 GMT).. Several of the ship’s crew, notably … Ieri sera due passeggeri difatti sono stati trovati all’interno della loro cabina, si tratta di una coppia di coreani. More than 4,200 people were rescued, though 32 people died. Costa Concordia disaster, the capsizing of an Italian cruise ship on January 13, 2012, after it struck rocks off the coast of Giglio Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. – Concordia: 5 anni fa la tragedia che causò 32 vittime. Otto anni fa 32 vittime. Revealed: Five-year-old girl and her father drowned because they were turned away from a lifeboat on the Costa Concordia. About 44 Peruvians were part of the crew of the Costa Concordia cruise ship that ran aground off the west coast of Italy at Giglio island. Isola del Giglio, la giornata di commemorazione nella maledetta notte del 13 gennaio First published on September 26, 2013 / 12:46 PM. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Costa Concordia Dismantling - in Pictures By Wendy Laursen 09-29-2015 12:13:22 About 200 technicians are currently working on the dismantling of the Costa Concordia . 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Costa Concordia (call sign: IBHD, IMO number: 9320544, MMSI number: 247158500), with 3,206 passengers and 1,023 crew members on board, was sailing off Isola del Giglio on the night of 13 January 2012, having begun a planned seven-day cruise from Civitavecchia, Lazio, Italy, to Savona and five other ports. Experts plan to go inside the ship, retrieve some of the Concordia's computers, and try to determine why backup generators and some other equipment failed to work immediately after the collision. Copyright © 2021 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. The missing crew members include Indian, Russel Rebello, Peruvian, Erika Fani Soriamolina, and Italian, Giuseppe Girolamo. Coast Guard and Customs Service divers located the remains near the central part of the ship, where survivors had said the two were last seen. The ship will remain in its current position until an evaluation is carried out of the condition of its starboard side and a decision is taken as to what further needs to be done before it can be refloated, CBS News' Sabina Castelfranco reports. Sono ancora 38 i passeggeri della Costa Concordia che mancano all’appello. It's nearly five years to the day that the Italian cruise ship the Costa Concordia capsized, killing 32 people. Costa Concordia in pictures: Inside the cruise liner after two years underwater. Costa Concordia owner to shipwreck survivors: No room for you to mark anniversary Costa Concordia 1 year later: Survivors attempt to move on Concordia … It is to be hoped the people on the list are safe and sound, but seeing as the disaster occurred at the weekend, hopes they will be found alive are fading. GENOVA - Un viaggio che sembra andare nel verso giusto quello del relitto della Costa Concordia. September 26, 2013 / 12:46 PM Michele Sciancalepore ed Eugenia Scotti raccontano le storie delle vittime della tragedia della Costa Concordia all'Isola del Giglio. Prosecutors release dossier detailing how Costa Concordia victims died. Wall Street set for higher open on Alcoa, jobless data, Cruise Ship Sinking: Costa Concordia Disaster Poses Danger to Protected Environment, Costa Concordia Sinking: Captain Claims He 'Tripped' and Fell Into Lifeboat, Twitter Suspends 70,000 Accounts Linked To Pro-Trump QAnon Conspiracy, Hallmark Wants Republican Senators To Return Donations, Global Equities Falter Amid Rising Infections, US Turmoil, Brexit Cripples Exporters: 'Week Two Will Be Worse', Keep Tariffs On China, Outgoing US Trade Chief Says, Social Capital: The Ultimate Gift To AmericaÂ, Austen Allred Broke Down The Biggest Barrier To Higher Education. The side of the ship where the remains were found is badly smashed in after lying submerged since it capsized on Jan. 13, 2012. Specialized police divers were going into the sea to remove the remains, which will be examined by forensic experts on the mainland in Tuscany. The captain, who risks 20 years in prison, contends that the reef wasn't on the ship's nautical charts. Dayana Arlotti, 5, from Italy died aboard Carnival Corp’s, Costa Cruises’ Costa Concordia when the cruise ship grounded off the […] The effort to dismantle the ill-fated Costa Concordia continues in Genoa, Italy with approximately 200 technicians now working to cut up and remove all … The Costa Concordia cruise began sinking late Friday when the captain, Francesco Schettino, steered the ship off course and into the ground near the coast of … Costa Concordia in ricordo delle vittime -Costa Concordia in memory of the victims VIDEO MAGAZINE. © 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Costa Concordia Victims' Last Moments Revealed. The port side of the ship struck a reef at 21:42 or 21:45 local time. costa concordia, salgono a 6 le vittime, video amatoriale da dentro la nave: i naufraghi urlano e pregano Un' altra brutta notizia è arrivata da Porto Santo Stefano. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. Here's the latest. The Associated Press contributed to this report. The search for survivors is difficult and depends heavily on weather conditions. Civil Protection chief Franco Gabrielli told reporters he had immediately notified the victims' relatives, who had traveled to the island in hopes their loved ones' remains could be found. Costa Concordia divers find new human remains... Time-lapse: Costa Concordia pulled completely... Trump rushes to enact asylum restrictions ahead of Biden presidency, China warns Trump admin on "dangerous path" with Taiwan outreach, Footwear maker Doc Martens plans to go public in London, China faces backlash over claim to have "emancipated" women's minds, chief salvage master Nick Sloane told CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips, Costa Concordia captain blames helmsman for shipwreck, Costa Concordia still an eyesore even right-side up, 5 cruise employees convicted in Costa Concordia wreck, California Privacy/Information We Collect. Prosecutors contend he deliberately went off the route, bringing the ship too close to Giglio's rocky coastline at night. Schettino began his prison sentence this past May. A South Korean couple was miraculously rescued from the cruise ship Sunday. DNA testing could take a few days, authorities said. Costa Concordia disaster. The ship capsized, but the Italian Coast Guard successfully rescued 4,200 passengers and crew members. "She has been flexing on the seaway for 20 months, and you never know when it's going to fatigue.". / CBS/AP. Italian authorities have confirmed a total of 11 people as dead, including Peruvian crew member Thomas Alberto Costilla Mendoza; Italian passenger Giovanni Masia; and French passengers Francis Servil, 71, and Jean-Pierre Micheaud, 61. Captain of cruise liner that crashed into rocks could face … Un impatto fortissimo che causo' l'apertura di una falla di circa 70 metri sul lato sinistro dello scafo. On January 13th, 2012, the giant Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized and sank off Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, after running into an underwater rock, claiming 32 lives. ROME Divers spotted human remains Thursday near Italy's Costa Concordia cruise ship and DNA tests will determine if they are the last two bodies missing among the shipwreck's 32 victims, authorities said. But a Florence prosecutor this week challenged those sentences, and Italy's highest criminal court will eventually rule on that. More than 20 people still remain missing Thursday following the Costa Concordia disaster. The story of a passenger who drowned after giving up his seat in a lifeboat features in a report released by prosecutors. Erano le 21.45 di venerdi’ 13 gennaio 2012 quando la nave da crociera Costa Concordia urto’ gli scogli de Le Scole davanti all’isola del Giglio.Un impatto fortissimo che causo’ l’apertura di una falla di circa 70 metri sul lato sinistro dello scafo. Two other French nationals and a Spanish passenger were identified earlier in the day. Dayana Arlotti – Costa Concordia Sinking, Carnival’s Costa Concordia – January 13, 2012, Time of Death 9:45-4:00. Rescuers have been told to work quickly in their search for any remaining survivors as Italian Navy experts blow holes in the ship to gain better access to the interior of the boat. The Associated Press reports the couple was stranded in a cabin two decks below rescuers on the half-submerged ship. La nave era di proprietà della compagnia di navigazione Costa Crociere, del gruppo Carnival Corporation & plc, ed era comandata da Francesco Schettino. The pursuit was suspended Wednesday when the cruise liner shifted position. The 29-year-old pair was on their honeymoon when the Costa Concordia crashed. ... Goverland Italia in ricordo delle vittime della tragedia del Concordia della Costa Crocere. Others have not been as lucky in the disaster as the official missing persons list still includes 21 missing passengers and three missing crew members. The search for the remains of an Italian female passenger and an Indian waiter resumed after the capsized luxury liner was rotated upright last week in an unprecedented marine salvage operation 20 months after it crashed into a reef off Giglio Island.